Monday, June 6, 2016

Kalen Artinian's "The Indestructible" (2016)

By Kalen Artinian

This is a short film that was brought to my attention the other day and I am glad that I was given a chance to watch this. This takes me back to my High School days where I was not the bully or necessarily bullied, however I did witness some of the cruel things that happened to other people. Part of that is the reason I chose to work in the field where I could help troubled kids get over passed trauma and abuse.

“The Indestructible” dives right into character development and you learn a lot about the main characters in a relatively short amount of time and Kalen Artinian does a great job of telling the story about a kid that is seemingly lost in his own world while still seeing the fucked up environment he is living in. This story is about as close to reality as it explains the fucked up truth about today’s society especially in the High School setting.

You should really give this film a look and support Kalen as he progresses in his film career!

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