Monday, October 19, 2015

Manic Monday review of Jessica Cameron's "Mania"!


A fucked up lesbian love story

Synopsis: Brooke makes a deadly mistake during a manic episode, forcing her lover and her to flee their home. But can Mel bring Brooke back, or is it too late...

This film was nothing short of amazing! My career path up to this point has been dealing with people who have mental illness and Jessica did a great job capturing the horrific path of destruction that one with a severe mental illness can create!  The writing (Jonathan Scott Higgins) of this film was on point and the cast made this even more believable! Tristan Risk did a fucking epic job of selling this craziness and engulfing the audience with her character!  Ellie Church sold me on being the loving significant other that would do absolutely anything to make sure she protects the person she loves.

If you are interested in a thrilling film that drives home exactly the importance of getting it all right, this is the film you should watch! This is as good as it gets! This film has amazing production quality, no corners were cut while making this film and the end result proves just that.  There is no shortage of bloodshed, and it gets right to the point without wasting any time! You get your gore and character development generously!

If you would like to be able to see this film, check out upcoming festivals and film screening in your area, also pay attention to the fan page on FACEBOOK so you can find out when and where you can purchase this film when it officially releases! You also may want to check out the official site of JESSICA CAMERON for more information on all of her projects!

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