Thursday, October 8, 2015

"Old 37" bring back two Horror Icons! Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley- Tom H. reviews!

Tom H. Reviews
“OLD 37”

When you put two of the most iconic men in horror in a film, you expect nothing short of fucking awesome! “Old 37” was not a disappointment to me by any means! The story behind two brothers that intercept 911 calls in order to capture unsuspecting people turned out to be much more than that! In fact it became more of an intense story surrounding a group of teens that are being forced to face their worst fears when they are being targeted by these two deranged brothers! Unknowingly these teens have done something that they will live to regret in a worse way than they could ever imagine.

“Old 37” tells a pretty good story and you have an opportunity to learn about the individuals involved, you get the chance to pick which of these kids you want to be hacked to fucking pieces first and who you want to survive! To me, most of these fuckers deserved to die and whether they died or not I still believe they should have. Nothing makes me sick more than self-serving fucks that can’t see outside of their precious existence! The writers Paul Travers and Joe Landes did a great job exploiting the obvious and keeping hidden what the end would reveal.

I am a huge fan of hacking and slashing so this was a pretty big deal for me to do! I am also a huge fan of Kane Hodder and Bill Moseley and do plan to interview them at some point to help promote this film! 

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