Thursday, December 11, 2014

Be part of a Global Zombie Apocalypse Film!!! VIRUS OF THE DEAD!!

Be a Part of HORROR film History

Tom H’s Blog of Horror along with Matt Wagner of Club After Dark will be directing and starring in a really cool short film that will be submitted to the VIRUS OF THE DEAD mosaic type film! Below are the guidelines and information; This idea is pure genius and will be fucking awesome to be part of!!

Virus of the Dead
The Zombie Movie
Be part of Horror Film History!

·       Wanted Established and upcoming Actors and Filmmakers.
·       Direct your own short zombie film!
·       Virus of the Dead will be the first Zombie film to be  filmed using smartphones, webcams and video log accounts.
·       Showing the effects of the zombie apocalypse across the globe in one big mosaic movie.

This will give a scary and realistic take to the zombie film genre!

Everyone involved with Virus of the Dead is passionate about indie film making, Virus of the Dead hopes to inspire other film makers, showing that everyone who has access to video capturing devices such as mobile/cellphones and webcams can be creative using technology in the palm of their hands.

The film will be put forward to film festivals, and later released in two formats, a Black and White  version suitable for 15+  and an 18 rated version which will be in colour.

The two versions will have around fifteen minutes of  extra alternate footage

For the first time you can submit footage for a zombie film from the comfort of your own home!

This is the first time a zombie film has been made this way we are making film history and we would love for you to be a part of it!

How to be a part of this film!

We are looking for 2-5 minute clips filmed with either smartphones or webcams. to be considered for inclusion for the final film, if your clip is chosen your name  will be featured in the final credits of the film and IMDB listing page.

If you want to be part of horror film history just send over your 2-5 minute clip filmed using video capture devices from your cellphone or webcam.

DSLR footage will be considered but will only make up a total of %5-10 of the final film.

More than one person can feature on screen, please have the consent of any extra’s for the submission.

You can be a survivor talking to the camera, a loved one or even create a video log account on the day the zombie apocalypse strikes, be creative, you can use props, make up or even just make yourself up as a zombie and look at the camera, or devour some pretend flesh on screen, you can send in multiple submissions.

Regarding content submissions for Virus of the Dead

Be Creative, the whole film is a found footage Zombie film!

Anyone can provide content  for our consideration for the film!

So talking to the direct to your camera as a progressive video log, to a relative  or a friend on webcam or ether with your smartphone, a message to the police, a message to a loved one, or footage of a zombie attack.

It could be you walking or running away from zombies, or entering an unsafe environment, or even being attacked by rogue survivors!

You can basically do whatever you want so be creative! as long as the zombies are slow, and they can only be killed by destroying the brain, though the footage doesn’t have to feature zombies themselves!

The infection will hit pretty fast, so it will take between 1-5 minutes to turn into a zombie after being infected/bitten.

You can submit more than one video and also a different scenario, if you go over by a few minutes that’s fine!

As we are going back to people throughout the film itself!

If anyone wants suggestions or for us to write a mini script please get in touch!

Be creative!

You will be notified  as soon as possible if you will be featured in the final film!

please help spread the Virus of the Dead.

Submissions close on the 20th of December 2014.

email submissions to or
Some guidelines on the film!

This film is not a comedy, it is a non stop action packed realistic take on the zombie apocalypse.

The zombies are slow.

They can only be killed by completely destroying the brain itself.

The infection spreads quickly between 1-5 minutes – but could depend on the host and who knows some people may be immune!

No one knows what caused the virus in the first place and no one will find out in this film.

There is not a cure at this stage!

At first people are told to stay in doors then, camps were set up by the governments across the globe to help the virus from spreading further, It is mandatory to go into the camps, but not everyone will be willing to do so.

The film will be packed with blood, guts, gore and much much more!

Please Hold Your Phone SIDEWAYS When Shooting Video

We want Landscape, Horizontal shots where possible!

If you are an actor, film maker, effects artist, distributor, investing, production company, artist or musician who would like to become part of this very exciting project please  contact  –
distributor or media please contact –
We Look forward to going through submissions, a big thank you to all of you have got in touch so far, we look forward to working with you on this exciting project!

- The Virus of the Dead team

for more information contact-  or

Please help spread the Virus of the Dead

Join our official group!

like our Facebook page and keep up to date on news from the film.

Monday, December 8, 2014

Press Release and Stills from "MANIA" Directed by Jessica Cameron!

MANIA, Desolation, and Kill the PA Wrap Filming
Jessica Cameron’s Triple Feature Road Movies Complete Principal Photography

The triple feature, cross-country road movie extravaganza has completed principal photography. Producer Mem Ferda and executive producers Jessica Cameron and Jonathan Scott Higgins announced that all three projects (feature films MANIA and Desolation, along with documentary Kill the PA) are in post production. The producers were kind enough to pass along some unreleased stills from the set of MANIA.

MANIA marks the 2nd feature to be directed by Scream Queen Jessica Cameron from a script written by Jonathan Scott Higgins. Desolation was the first film to be completed while traveling cross-country and Kill the PA is the behind the scenes documentary that chronicled the making of both horror features. The passionate group of independent filmmakers all piled into an RV and shot all three features while traveling to California, Nesw Mexico, Texas, Kansas, Tennessee, Ohio, Alabama, and Arizona.

Some of the filming locations the cast and crew utilized were houses, abandoned towns, shady motels in the middle of nowhere, and the beautiful desert landscape of Arizona. In fact, while filming a death scene in the Arizona desert, FOUR cop cars showed up claiming that they received a call the team was shooting pornography. When director/executive producer Cameron explained it was a horror film, the Tucson Sheriffs became disappointed and quickly left.

More information about the project can be found on the film’s website:

When asked about the completion of principal photography, Cameron had this to say:
I am so excited to have completed principle photography on these films. They were certainly a challenge but it’s amazing what we accomplished. I cannot wait to bring these films to the fans! I have a feeling that they will love them as much as I do. MANIA is as sexy as Truth Or Dare was violent so please be cautious when looking at any images/videos/content as it will majorly be NSFW.

Directed by: Jessica Cameron
Produced by: Mem Ferda
Executive Produced by: Jessica Cameron & Jonathan Scott Higgins
Written by: Jonathan Scott Higgins
Tagline: A f@cked up lesbian love story
Synopsis: Two lesbian lovers are forced to flee cross-country after a brutal murder changes their lives forever.
Social Media:

Directed by: Ryan M. Andrews
Starring: Jessica Cameron & Carlo Mendez
Produced by: Mem Ferda
Executive Produced by: Jessica Cameron & Jonathan Scott Higgins
Written by: Ryan M. Andrews
Tagline: Hell Hath No Fury
Synopsis: A husband and wife travel cross-country in an RV. Their idyllic road trip becomes a hellish nightmare when they pick up a hitchhiker. 
Social Media:

Kill the PA
Directed by: Aaron Lane
Produced by: Mem Ferda
Executive Produced by: Jessica Cameron & Jonathan Scott Higgins
Synopsis: A feature-length making-of documentary, chronicling the travels and filming of MANIA and Desolation. This is a chance for audiences to see a grassroots approach to independent filmmaking.
Social Media:

First Look at upcoming Creature Feature MEGAFOOT!!!

Another film that Tom H’s Blog of Horror has been highly anticipating for quite some time now, “MEGAFOOT”! The crowdfunding campaign videos were exciting and unique, I have been following this film and finally we have some Production Stills!


With no further information available, the stills suggest that more news will be presented soon...

MEGAFOOT is a top-secret killing monstrosity (half Machine, half Bigfoot, all Terror!), which has recently escaped from the highly covert laboratory where it was created.  An elite squad of soldiers has been sent to track and destroy the sadistic sasquatch before it wreaks its horrific vengeance on the human race.  Expect action, suspense, creative kills and gore-soaked thrills in a movie that’s bigger than big… it’s MEGAFOOT!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"CRAWL OR DIE" - A High Anxiety Review by Tom H.


I finally watched “CRAWL OR DIE”, written and directed by Oklahoma Ward.  I have been waiting to see this film for close to two years and finally the day has come! So I came prepared with all the necessary tools to watch this film; enough food and drinks so I didn’t have to get up!

“Crawl or Die” is best to be watch on any television larger than 50” because anything too small will lessen the experience! This film was intense from start to finish and created such an illusion of claustrophobia that I found myself making sure I was breathing correctly for the majority of the film and just when you think that there is going to be a way out, it gets worse! Nicole Alonso, the star of the film really sold just how horrible that situation was.. I don't think my body relaxed for some time after the film was over! It was so fucking intense!!

The film did a great job explaining the whole reason they were on this mission and knowing that added another dimension to the film by not only having the scenario taking place underground in very tight spaces, it also gave them a goal. Save the only female not infected that can become pregnant..

“Crawl or Die” is an awesome and welcomed change to the Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller genre and raises the bar for Indie Horror Film makers! I have watched a lot of Indie films and this one is among the greats that I have had the pleasure of watching!

I suggest anyone that has not watched “Crawl or Die” to subscribe to Hulu Plus and find it, watch it and show support by leaving a positive comment! Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso have not let me down and the wait was well worth it! I can’t wait to see what they do next!!!

Tom H. gives "Crawl or Die" a rating of 10/10!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Donate to "North Woods" film! 16 Days Left!

I am writing this entry in an attempt to help an individual that has inspired me with his strength and no quit attitude! Jason Kasper, the executive producer and co-writer of the film “North Woods” has been in contact with me for quite some time giving me updates on the film as well as the indiegogo campaign they have created in order to get some of the funds needed to get this film created!

We have had conversations that have made me realize just how much passion the people in this community bring to the projects that they love, I am honored to have had the chance to speak with Jason Kasper because he not only showed me the reason I love Independent films he also showed me that adversity brings out the best in us.

Can we please support this film by donating as much as we can! Every dollar helps and it will not hurt to help a fellow member of the Indie Horror community live his dream and help them create a film that they have been working very hard on!

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

State of Desolation by Jim Towns!

After running across the film “State of Desolation” I went through the production stills and I found myself really intrigued! I love post-apocalyptic films and this gives me something to look forward to. "State of Desolation" casts Jamie Bernadette (Son of Sam - 2008) and Dominique Swain (Face/Off - 1997) both very talented actresses which is a huge bonus for this film!! I am going to keep checking up on this film so I can post updates and the trailer when it is available!

I am posting a ton of stills from the facebook page and again I will continue with updates and potentially some interviews as this film becomes available!

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Tom H's Halloween Top Ten Indie Horror Films of 2014!


1. The Hanover House by Corey Norman
2. See No Evil 2 by Jen and Sylvia Soska
3. Ghostline by Dean R. Whitney
4. Sacrament by Shawn Ewert
5. Run Like Hell by James Thomas
6. The Door by Patrick McBrearty
7. MidSummer Nightmares 2 by Ryan Stacy
8. Revolution 666 by Matt Jaissle
9. Dead Sea by Brandon Slagle

10. Attack of the Morningside Monster by Chris Ethridge

I have watched many films over the past ten months; this is the top ten films out of those films! If you can find a way to purchase these films I would do it as soon as you possibly can! If you're staying home on Halloween, the films on this list would make your Halloween really awesome!

Goodnight Terrifies in "See No Evil 2"! The Tom H. Review!!


The Soska Twins did it again! Another epic film !!! “See No Evil 2” surpasses the first one by a long shot. You really get to see the struggle that Jacob Goodnight is going through! The cast was amazing; and I mean the ENTIRE CAST! Danielle Harris is continuing her legacy as being one of Horror Films most prolific leading ladies.

After seeing all of the films that Jen and Sylvia  have made; this one hands down solidifies their ability as being among the best in the Genre! “See No Evil 2” didn’t waste any time! The film picked up where the first film left off and in almost a Jason Voorhees/Michael Myers type set up bring Jacob Goodnight back to life! Now, never have I seen anyone get ballsy enough to kiss Jason or Michael while lying on a slab in the morgue before! So that whole scenario you knew was going get ugly fast!!! Thank you Katharine Isabelle!!

The Twisted Twins did not disappoint with this film and by the end of this film they do what we all love with Slashers.. They left that mother fucker open ended so we can see ANOTHER installment of See No Evil in the future! Jacob Goodnight could become one of the very few icons in the past 2 decades of horror film!

As I say in all my reviews; please support Indie Horror by purchasing a copy of “See No Evil 2” and help Jen and Sylvia continue to make fucking awesome films for all of us to enjoy. 

What lies behind the door? Tom H. Reviews Patrick McBrearty's "The Door"!


I watched Patrick McBrearty’s “The Door”  about a week ago and I think this film was really awesome! Yes, that is a really lame ass response and I probably could think of a lot better ways to describe this film and I will as I continue writing.

“The Door”  is a film based on mystery and suspense; what would you do if you met a guy about a job and were told all you had to do is watch a door?  No reason, no details about what is behind the door.. I know I would want to know what the hell is behind the door! Well this guy Owen is told to do just that; he obviously is intrigued but he resists; that is until his stupid friends show up.

As you can guess; someone opens the door and the games begin! While it is a little hard to really know what’s going on; you still have to applaud how the film shapes and builds towards the ending. Now, I wasn’t really expecting what happens at the end and I thought it was pretty badass!! The psychology behind this film was pretty intense and I plan on having this film screened at one of my events in the future!

Patrick McBrearty does capture the reactions of the cast well and the suspense was on point. I was really on the edge of my seat at times waiting for what was about to happen next. This film is on par with any movie big budget film and delivers a lot more than most! Great job and keep bringing us these amazing films!

Directed by Patrick McBrearty
Starring  Winny Clarke, Liv CollinsAlys Crocker

Please watch the clips below and find out how you can get a chance to watch this fucking great Indie Horror Film!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Demand "Crawl or Die" on NETFLIX!

As one of the first Blogs/sites to talk about “Crawl or Die” aka “Crawl Bitch Crawl” I am proud of what Oklahoma Ward, Nicole Alonso and the rest of the crew have been able to accomplish! This has been one of the films I have been waiting to see for quite some time.

I have seen “Crawl or Die” available in different locations such as and; the one thing I feel will put this film over the top is having the opportunity to be able to be seen on Netflix!

I know several people that have films on Netflix that I have had an opportunity to watch; even though I watched the films before they were on Netflix; it allowed me to talk about the films and share them with friends.

Please like the DEMAND CRAWL OR DIE ON NETFLIX facebook page to help continue the growth for this film! Great people making awesome movies and I am going to purchase my own copy this week!!