Thursday, January 16, 2014

Movie Review: "Spirit in the Woods" by Anthony Daniel

Tom H reviews “Spirit in the Woods” by Anthony Daniel

I’ve been waiting for this film to review for quite some time now and I have finally had the chance to do so! Based on a local legend that goes along the lines of once you enter the woods you don’t come out; A group of college students go to the woods to do a project. Once they arrive they discuss the legend, while one of the girls involved has a brain and says they shouldn’t go in; nobody listens and they go anyway. STUPID IDEA!

Now; without giving up too much about the film I will go with my thoughts; I was interested to see just what was going on and how Anthony Daniel would make this unique. That was a major reason I was glued to the film; not only that I had to see which of the cast was going to die. Yes; I wanted some to die more than others but I will keep that information to myself. The film does have a slow start in ways but more than anything character development was being laid down and nobody will really know what comes next. I was surprised with the climax and I enjoyed the fact that he kept me off balance. Those of you that have talked to me knows that is pretty hard to do! I think "Spirit in the Woods" can be "The Blair Witch Project" on steroids!

I personally think that the acting was done pretty well considering the lines were delivered to the cast as the scenes were unfolding instead of them having an actual script to read or rehearse. Those that are not found footage fans will probably not be too interested however I feel that supporting Anthony Daniel and his cast is the most important part. Give it a chance! Anthony says he is not done and he plans on bringing a “Spirit in the Woods 2” coming soon so keep that in mind as well!


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