Friday, January 17, 2014

Movie: "Autumn Moon" by Randy R. Fabert - SEE THE WEREWOLF!


Randy Fabert has moved on from “Psycho Killer” to “Autumn Moon” and from what I have had the chance to see on the official “Autumn Moon” Facebook page it has me really excited! A couple of days ago they released the Werewolf that will be in the film and it looks fucking amazing! Randy R. Fabert is truly gifted in the ways of monsters! I have a few images of the terrifying beast below! And as their Facebook also says; coming soon is the first 7 to 10 minutes of the film! So stay tuned in for that!



Pulp writer Michael Renee Allen thought the house on the edge of the woods would be the perfect place to write his next novel. He soon finds that the forest has more to offer than just fresh air and a nice view. Something unspeakable is stalking the forest. A cunning force of pure evil that hunts by night, painting the forest with blood.