Monday, December 18, 2017

2017 and moving forward!

Today I look back at the last year and I find myself excited for what comes in 2018!

While I haven't used my platform, I feel at this point it has grown stronger while I've been pursuing other projects. Did you know in 2018 I will be releasing the first of a five part Anthology? I promise it WILL be a great idea put together by a TEAM.

2017 taught me to never let others have more power than they should involving ANY project I want to do. They didn't have any idea how to do or pull off anything before they met you otherwise they would have done it already...

Still waiting for that conversation from a musician whom I felt was sincere about my abilities. Hopefully he didn't really trust that other guy....

I will give props to people like Jessica Cameron, Heather Dorff and Bishop Stevens for being great amongst the not so great.

I said I am bringing the blog back.. I meant it. So all of my friends start hitting me up on Facebook or sending me emails with the subject: blog topics and I will start getting it out there again!