Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Midwest Screening of Jessica Cameron's "Truth or Dare" and "Mania" - October 16, 2015 at Warheadz in St. Robert, MO

 On October 16, 2015 at 6pm Tom H’s Blog of Horror will be working in collaboration with Warheadz Club to bring you a Horror DOUBLE FEATURE!! We will be screening the films “Mania” and “Truth or Dare”, both Directed by the amazing Jessica Cameron! As a bonus feature to this event we will be flying Jessica Cameron in from Los Angeles to be part of this awesome night!

You don’t know who Jessica Cameron is? You can change that!  Jessica has starred in over 60 films, some as that are pretty known among horror fans and some that may not be so well known. Regardless of whether you have heard of them or not this is your chance to get to know her better and familiarize yourself with fucking awesome Indie Horror projects! She is the scream queen of Indie Horror and has worked with some of the industries best.

She was in a small role in Steven C. Miller's "Silent Night" as well as "Mr. Hush"! Jessica is a leader among indie horror film by transitioning from being in front of the camera to behind the camera, She has now Directed two feature length films which you will be watching on October 16th! 

With the appearance of Jessica Cameron along with Tom H's Blog of Horror this will be one of the must-attend events in the area this year! You can waste your time doing the typical haunted house or costume contest or you can get a chance to see films that you have never had the chance to see before and be part of a growing event that will leave it's mark on Mid Missouri!! You might even get to play Truth or Dare with us!

Those of you who already know Matt Wagner and Russ Hartman of Warheadz, then you should already know that this night will be one for the ages! Show your support for Warheadz and Indie Horror as well as get to know one of the greatest in the Horror industry!!