Monday, June 20, 2016

Dark (2015) by Nick Basile - An intense depiction of the human psyche..

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Directed by Nick Basile
Written by Elias and Nick Basile
Starring Whitney Able, Michael Ecklund, Alexandra Breckenridge and Brendan Sexton

A very disturbed woman struggling with her past is left alone during a black out in Brooklyn, New York in 2003. The story is amazing and it tells gives us some deep character development from the start so we know what she is we’re about to deal with. The mind of a person that has depression among other issues can be dangerous when forced to face circumstances that they can’t control.

This film was well written and well executed and the entire film kept me interested in knowing just how bad this was going to get.. And it gets about as bad as it can be expected! I enjoyed the cast in this film as they did a good job with their roles especially Whitney Able! She was able to put on a believable role in a very difficult situation. It’s hard to understand those that are mentally unstable let alone act like someone that is mentally unstable!

I recommend this film to those who are interested in seeing a really good story unfold. For those whom are confused by this film should really do more to expand your horizons and learn to understand what makes a good story and what makes a good film!