Thursday, July 7, 2016

"Paranormalice"- A Southern Gothic Anthology! - Review


“Paranormalice” was pure fucking genius and a surprise to a critic that hasn’t been this impressed with a film in quite some time. I have some favorites but this film came out of nowhere with unique vision and some pretty good stories that were told well.

This Anthology is about a Writer that travels to Mosswood, Alabama in to learn more about a story that has peaked his interest. He stops at a motel and begins asking the desk clerk about the story, the desk clerk pretty much tells the Writer that he won’t get far asking the people about anything other than a few particular subjects and they all have nothing to do with what the Writer wanted to know.

The clerk goes on telling 4 tales, and each of these tales has their own unique points about them that make them all really fucking awesome! The writing is done with some serious thought and you can tell it was planned out well and executed in a way that grabbed my attention!  I figure I will give you a brief description of each of the stories told without giving anything away..

1: A guy walks into a bar……
2: New neighbors are fucking awesome….. 
3: Those bitches are too serious!
4: The beauty just may be the beast…

To close, I just want to say this was an amazing job and it has definitely been my pleasure being able to review this film! The writing and acting were all on point and I couldn’t have asked for anything to have been done any differently! – I highly recommend this film!!!

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