Monday, November 9, 2015

New Horror Web Series: "The Witching Season" - Read this!

New Horror Web Series
I recently watched two episodes of “The Witching Season” on Youtube and I was really surprised with the quality of the films along with the some real effort in regards to keeping high intensity and building up to the climax.

This first episode “Killer on the Loose” comes off like a typical woman running from psycho killer and doing all the stupid shit in order for her to ultimately end up dying. Some twists and turns along the way and you still have no idea what is happening until the very end. It was done very well! I really feel the effort put into this episode will give the series momentum and have people talking and looking for more to come!

The second episode “Princess” just impressed me more than the first episode! I think that the idea was somewhat used before, however the execution of the idea in this episode kept me interested and was done with quality. You take what appears to be an over imaginative little girl and a naïve mother and move them into a house only to find stuff that the former owners are really fucking weird about when you ask if they want the stuff.. You keep it? You should watch and find out just why this shit is fucking crazy!

I am really excited to see what else comes from this crew at Witching Season Films! Check them out on Youtube by watching the trailers here first!!