Monday, November 9, 2015

Comedy/Horror Found Footage "The House with 100 Eyes" - Seen it..with two eyes.. Well.. Just Read!



Found Footage…….. If done correctly and with original ideas, a film could potentially rise to the upper echelon… This film does not do that. While I think it’s funny that the film is billed as a comedy/horror film, I only see comedy in the fact that I could pretty much tell you step by step which way the film was going to go..

You take a married couple that are into sadistic torture and are trying to come up with a unique idea to bring their viewers to what they are calling a masterpiece.. What is really going on would be that the husband wants to make a triple sex/murder film. The wife is obviously very troubled and seems to have her own agenda that the husband is desperately trying to make sure that she does not stray off and do her own thing while they are trying to make this film.

They own a house built strictly for torture and traps their victims inside…  You would think this goes to their advantage.. As the story unfolds you find out that the happily married couple had secrets that would prove to be a huge distraction and would come at a cost to both of them. Both Shannon Malone (Wife) and Jim Roof (Husband) are excellent in their roles and provide the true nature of the quirky couple that they are portraying and I think they did a great job. 

The problem ended up being that the film did not live up to the hype, no real over the top deaths or sex.. It appeared it would be a bit more gruesome based on the description; however it was really run of the mill.. I would say if you want to watch the film, go for it. I would not go into it with high expectations. You may be pleased with the film if you have nothing really better to watch. Hell, I watched it so it couldn’t be THAT bad!!