Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Gore Orphanage: The story behind the Horror!


1903 in Lorain County Ohio, there was an orphanage built by a couple that had dealt with the death of their own children. It is said the orphanage plunged into financial difficulties and closed down in 1916. The rumors are that the children had suffered cruel treatment and were beaten and some had died due to the neglect and abuse.

This film portrayed just how bad this place had been and how the children had to endure the rule of a very angry and demented Mrs. Pryor.  The female children were often “Playing” with Ernst, one of the men who helped maintain the orphanage. This film specifically follows a 9 year old girl named Nellie, her family died and she was taken to Gore Orphanage. It did not take long for Nellie to see that things were really messed up and she started looking into the strange happenings.

Multiple deaths occurred and the obvious mistreatment of the children continued to escalate and the only time there was peace would be when Mrs. Pryor would leave. That’s if the resident bully Harmon was leaving them alone.

In the end.. Well that is for you to find out.  This film was character driven and the children did a phenomenal job! There were parts of this film that were slow which made me feel the need to skip ahead, I didn’t but I wanted to at times. You do get a feel of what happened at the Orphanage, the only problem is the fact that it was a little watered down.

I say check out the film and be objective, this is a great first time effort for Director Emily Lapisardi! The writing team of Cody Knotts and Emily Lapisardi should receive serious applause for this! I don’t feel this film will be to everyone’s liking, however if you are interested in true Indie films this is one of those films that will get you to understand why being overly critical will cause you to miss out on a pretty good film.

Special shout-out to Maria Olsen! She always brings what is needed to a film! Her performance was truly chilling! Please LIKE this film on FACEBOOK! And check out how you can get your chance to watch the film!

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