Sunday, September 13, 2015

Real or Myth? - A review of "Valley of the Sasquatch"



John Portanova (Co-Writer of “The Invoking, 2013) went all in with his film “Valley of the Sasquatch”! This film did a pretty good job developing almost every character and bringing some reason for the whole scenario to be taking place. It surely beats throwing some teenagers in a car and having them get slaughtered because they wanted to party!

The cast did a really good job in this film, I liked all of the characters involved and that helped keep me interested and looking forward to watch everything unfold! I must be on a streak of luck because I have now found another film that I liked and I have not found a film in a while that I can say I did not like.

This film begins with a father and son relocating out to the mountains after losing pretty much everything; it is obvious that something is not right from the start.  Some visitors arrive and a plan to go hunting ends up taking a huge turn for the worst, there will be a fight for survival! The action sequences are really good and the Sasquatches were done very well! I was glad to see that it was not ridiculous and stupid looking like most films of this kind. John Portanova did an excellent job at writing this film and taking it the direction that he had, I do have one suggestion to John and some other film makers? CAN YOU STOP KILLING BILL OBERST JR.?

I recommend this film to the horror community as long as you do one thing, watch this film then go take a hike in a remote area of your town miles away from anyone. This film also raises a few questions, do Sasquatches live in groups or are they solo? Do they attack humans just because they want to? Why haven’t you liked this film yet on FACEBOOK?

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