Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Lebanon Halloween Comic-Con - Lebanon, Missouri

On October 30th, at Freedom Comics in Lebanon, Missouri is hosting the first Comic-Con in the area. Hell, the first Comic-Con within 50-60 miles either direction of Lebanon ever! Here is the description from the event page! Tom H's Blog of Horror will be attending this event, not as a guest but as support to this awesome event! If you are a follower of Tom H's Blog of Horror and would like to come out please do so and support a local business! Please check out the event page and come and check it out! The event begins October 30th at noon! LEBANON COMIC-CON!

"We will be hosting the first Lebanon Comic-Con for Halloween. We will run Friday Night Magic for $5 entry each with prizes for the top 8, with the prize for first place valued over $100. There will be a costume contest on Saturday at 3 PM. There will be open tables for gaming on Saturday. Tickets will be $5 per person per day, or $7.50 for both days. Tables for vendors will be $30 for both days and $15 for artist spaces. Space and tables are limited so contact us to reserve your tables today. You may buy your tickets at our shop or with paypal. Other options to purchase tickets to be announced. Contact us if you wish to host or GM a game. Vendor/artist applications are now available. 

Email: freedomcomics@hotmail.com or come by the shop to get your applications. We have just added a Mox Tournament on Saturday Oct 31 at noon for a Mox emerald which is graded. Spots with be $25 each and are limited.

We are proud to officially announce our special guest author Jae B. Wells, Artist Josh D Cullen, and local stores Shadow of the Nerd, CCYDNE, and Raven's Loft. We are waiting on finalization on 20+ vendors and at least another 6 artists at this time. As they secure their spots we will post them here.

Jae B. Wells
Josh Cullen

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