Friday, September 11, 2015

A message from Tom H.

Over the past  four years I have had a great time, I have met some really good people and I speak to some of you regularly. I have had the privilege of watching some really good films and being trusted to write reviews on these films as if my opinion was important. I have hosted a rather large horror film festival (The Dead in Dixon, 2013) and did a screening of a great horror film (Nailbiter in 2014, A Nightmare After Dark). Both of those events were not huge successes financially, I did not do it for a big payday. I did it so I could gain more fans/followers so I could help promote Independent Horror Films on a larger scale.

It has become something I want to do full time; however it will always be about patience and strategy in order to get the results I want.  This year on October 16th, I will be part of another Independent Horror Film Screening with hopes that this will be the best one yet! I have the opportunity to have actual VIP guests come to the event and I want them to enjoy the event as much as I want the fans to enjoy the event. This year I will be hosting a screening of “Truth or Dare”, a film Directed by Jessica Cameron. With the help of the guys who own the venue Bombshells, this should be a very awesome start to what the future may hold for my blog as well as my ability to continue to promote Indie Horror Films!

I want to thank everyone that has supported me in my endeavor and I thank everyone that continues to share my posts and spread the word about the films that I am talking about. So what’s next? I am going to be directing my very first Short Film in the next few months called “Stranger in the Mirror”. It will be very low budget, however I have some friends that are very talented and we will put out the best product possible! If you would like me to do a review of your film, do an interview or share a project shoot me an email at . If you would like to know more about my short film “Stranger in the Mirror” you can email me as well.

Thank you,

Tom H.

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