Wednesday, August 26, 2015

From "Deadly Gamble" to "The Listing" - Mario Cerrito is going to revolutionize the Horror Genre!

“The Listing”is the 2nd film Directed by Mario Cerrito, his first being “DeadlyGamble”! “Deadly Gamble” was a great film that gave me an instant sense of appreciation for the work Mario has done. He and I met before he decided to shoot “Deadly Gamble” when he was working on a projected called “The Cornfield Massacre”! To show just how much this man loves film making, things fell through with a film called “The Cornfield Massacre” and he did not give up! He adjusted and was able to bounce back with “Deadly Gamble”!

Mario is now working on another feature film “The Listing”! “The Listing” is a suspenseful film about a “successful Realtor that is unexpectedly blackmailed with a harsh time restraint”- Plot from “The Listing” Facebook page. 

Bernard Glincosky and Julie Stackhouse- photo by Nick Belial
This film features Bernard Glincosky, which was also in “Deadly Gamble” and did an amazing job I might add! Glincosky brings some serious talent to the film as the Realtor, and adding that Julie Stackhouse plays the wife of the Realtor, John DiRenzo also another actor that did an awesome job in the film “Deadly Gamble” plays the role of John Carr and the very well-known and amazing Jessica Cameron joins the cast as Jenna!

I have a feeling Mario Cerrito is going to do nothing but impress us yet again and I hope that when he makes it big he remembers us little people down here!! 

Please visit “The Listing” fan page and give it a like and share it among your friends, you will not be disappointed and you will be doing a huge service to Mario and other indie film makers by spreading the word!!

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