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Bonfire Films to Adapt Stephen King's "Suffer the Little Children"

JUNE 22, 2015


Maine based production company Bonfire Films is bringing the work of author Stephen King back to his home state.  The author has granted the company non-commercial rights to the film through his Dollar Baby program.   This will be the companies’ second attempt at a King film, after “One for the Road” was halted during the preproduction process.

Director Corey Norman explains, “I experienced two deaths my family as well as a major illness in the month of February that served as a big set back to our production timeline.  Once We were able to continue, the snow was gone.  It was then that we requested a change to our contract allowing us to move ahead with another film.”

But things are moving at full speed for “Suffer the Little Children.” Actress Anne Bobby, best known for her role as Lori Winston in Clive Barker’s Nightbreed has confirmed that she will be starring as Ms. Emily Sidley.  Production is scheduled to begin at the end of next month. 

Corey Norman, director of the wildly successful independent feature, The Hanover House, is set to direct. Being a huge King fan, Norman hopes to create a film that will do the master of horror proud.  The film has already been named an official selection at HorrorHound Weekend Film Festival in Indianapolis, IN this September and at The Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival in Charleston, SC in May of 2016.

In the meantime, you can get involved with the project early by supporting it on Indiegogo.  Incentives range from: tickets to the world premiere at HorrorHound Weekend in September, to autographed posters, film credits and even walk on roles.

“If you believe the only master of horror and suspense to come out of the great state of Maine is Stephen King, then you haven’t seen anything by Corey Norman.”
- Creepercast

“Director and co-writer Corey Norman brings a Stephen King-style to an indie horror audience like only a Maine-native can do.”
- HorrorHound Magazine


"Suffer the Little Children" is a short story by Stephen King that was published as part of the collection Nightmares & Dreamscapes in 1993.  It follows the decline of an aging teacher, Ms. Sidley, who believes her students are being taken over by something evil.

Meet the Director and Writer

The Norman’s are an internationally distributed, award winning horror film director and writer, best known for their debut feature film, The Hanover House, which has won 6 awards, including Best Feature Film (HorrorHound Film Festival) and Best Director (HorrorQuest Film Festival).  It is slated for worldwide distribution later this fall.

Their short film NATAL was nominated for 10 awards, winning both Best Supernatural Short and Best Actress at the Fear Fete Horror Film Festival in 2014, before receiving international distribution through Ruthless Pictures/Image Entertainment in 2015 in a yet unannounced anthology film. Their short film Tickle has recently won Best Short Film at the Crimson Screen Horror Film Festival, and continues to tour the festival circuit with 22 official selections, and 9 award nominations.

Outside the horror genre, Corey has worked for clients such as: Entertainment One, History Channel, Nova, National Geographic and Discovery. He was an assistant editor on Nova’s Bioterror, done in conjunction with the New York Times, which won a Best News and Documentary Emmy Award. In 2011, he was honored as one of Maine Today Media’s “Forty Under 40,” for being one of the most influential people in the state of Maine under the age of 40.  He was named Runner Up for Educator of the Year by ACTEM in 2014, and Best Maine Filmmaker by the Portland Phoenix in 2015.

About Anne Bobby

Although she's worked extensively on and off-Broadway, in film, television and commercials, with some of the finest masters of their craft – she's always had a special love for Clive Barker's Nightbreed,  (In which she played the lead role).

Among her other films: Beautiful Girls (with Timothy Hutton, Uma Thurman and Natalie Portman), the Oscar-winning Born on the 4th of July (Oliver Stone, Tom Cruise), the Indie classic Happiness (Todd Solandz, Philip Seymour Hoffman) and The Pickup Artist (Robert Downey Jr.)

Her Television credits include Mad About You, Children of the Bride (and 2 sequels), Steven Bochco’s experimental Cop Rock, the Miniseries of Scot Turow’s The Burden of Proof, What the Deaf Man Heard (with Claire Bloom and Matthew Modine), several episodes of Law and Order, and Gabriel’s Fire (With James Earl Jones).

In 2007, the legendary BIOSHOCK series debuted, with Anne voicing, among others, Dr. Brigid Tenenbaum.

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