Thursday, June 11, 2015

"Bikini Mayhem" Teaser!

One of the first Director’s I had the pleasure of talking to and getting to know when I first started Tom H’s Blog of Horror was a guy name Eric Williford of 95Forty Productions. He sent me a film to review called “Natalie’s Lose Lose” and it was one of my first ever Indie Horror film reviews! That film and discussions with Eric gave me some additional courage when it came to the blog and what I wanted to do moving forward and that was become more versatile.

Now a couple years have passed and Eric contacts me again with a film called “Bikini Mayhem” and one of the stars of the film is the amazing and beautiful Cori Collins! I have had the privilege to talk to her before and do a phone interview about a project that she had worked on with Eric Williford called “The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party” which was part of a Horror Anthology called X-Mas Tales, aka Merry Fucking Christmas!

Here is the trailer for “Bikini Mayhem” and I will be doing a review very soon as well as interviewing Cori Collins!

Plot Summary: All Ivy Winters wanted was to be a model. After meeting with a potential agent, it seemed like her career was finally on the right path. But she soon finds herself drugged and humiliated. With her life spiraling out of control, Ivy is on the fast track to destruction. When tragedy strikes, she quickly realizes it’s time to enact bloody revenge on those who destroyed her dreams.

It’s time for a little...Bikini Mayhem!

Bikini Mayhem Official Teaser (NSFW) from 95Forty Productions on Vimeo.