Tuesday, October 28, 2014

What lies behind the door? Tom H. Reviews Patrick McBrearty's "The Door"!


I watched Patrick McBrearty’s “The Door”  about a week ago and I think this film was really awesome! Yes, that is a really lame ass response and I probably could think of a lot better ways to describe this film and I will as I continue writing.

“The Door”  is a film based on mystery and suspense; what would you do if you met a guy about a job and were told all you had to do is watch a door?  No reason, no details about what is behind the door.. I know I would want to know what the hell is behind the door! Well this guy Owen is told to do just that; he obviously is intrigued but he resists; that is until his stupid friends show up.

As you can guess; someone opens the door and the games begin! While it is a little hard to really know what’s going on; you still have to applaud how the film shapes and builds towards the ending. Now, I wasn’t really expecting what happens at the end and I thought it was pretty badass!! The psychology behind this film was pretty intense and I plan on having this film screened at one of my events in the future!

Patrick McBrearty does capture the reactions of the cast well and the suspense was on point. I was really on the edge of my seat at times waiting for what was about to happen next. This film is on par with any movie big budget film and delivers a lot more than most! Great job and keep bringing us these amazing films!

Directed by Patrick McBrearty
Starring  Winny Clarke, Liv CollinsAlys Crocker

Please watch the clips below and find out how you can get a chance to watch this fucking great Indie Horror Film!!

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