Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Goodnight Terrifies in "See No Evil 2"! The Tom H. Review!!


The Soska Twins did it again! Another epic film !!! “See No Evil 2” surpasses the first one by a long shot. You really get to see the struggle that Jacob Goodnight is going through! The cast was amazing; and I mean the ENTIRE CAST! Danielle Harris is continuing her legacy as being one of Horror Films most prolific leading ladies.

After seeing all of the films that Jen and Sylvia  have made; this one hands down solidifies their ability as being among the best in the Genre! “See No Evil 2” didn’t waste any time! The film picked up where the first film left off and in almost a Jason Voorhees/Michael Myers type set up bring Jacob Goodnight back to life! Now, never have I seen anyone get ballsy enough to kiss Jason or Michael while lying on a slab in the morgue before! So that whole scenario you knew was going get ugly fast!!! Thank you Katharine Isabelle!!

The Twisted Twins did not disappoint with this film and by the end of this film they do what we all love with Slashers.. They left that mother fucker open ended so we can see ANOTHER installment of See No Evil in the future! Jacob Goodnight could become one of the very few icons in the past 2 decades of horror film!

As I say in all my reviews; please support Indie Horror by purchasing a copy of “See No Evil 2” and help Jen and Sylvia continue to make fucking awesome films for all of us to enjoy. 

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