Monday, August 4, 2014

Thank you!

I am working diligently on writing reviews and bringing more attention to Indie Horror films; and I appreciate the donations for the work I have put into what I’m doing! You, the film makers are who I am supporting and I will work as hard as I can to help out everyone in which I come in contact with.

Tom H’s Blog of Horror has grown so much over the years and I am excited in the direction that the blog is heading!! I can only thank those of you that have supported me and have given me the opportunity to watch your films and learn more about your projects with the trust that I will do what I say I am going to do. I may not always be able to get things done in a timely manner due to me being the only person running the blog; however I am not going to stop doing this because I love doing it.

You have all inspired me to set goals and dream big as I have had my own film festival and am now in the process of writing my own screenplay. Thank you all for reading my reviews etc…