Thursday, November 7, 2013

Movie Review: "Night of the Seamonkey: A Disturbing Tale" by Michael S. Rodriguez

Plot Outline

Young Toby is about to learn a big lesson about responsibility when he sends off for a mail order sea pet...Little does he know terror waits in his mailbox weeks later. As Toby's dream of nurturing a pet is crumbled when its egg fails to hatch, it is then washed down the sink by his mother. Weeks pass and the egg now lodged in the family's sewage drain begin to grow and mutate. We soon find out that this is no ordinary sea pet, but a hostile foreign threat's prototype for a new form of warfare. The creature returns through the family's sink now bigger meaner and thirsty for blood...Will Toby and his family make it through the night?


I laughed my ass off a lot while watching this film! So at first I wasn’t sure what I was getting into; this film is completely different from most that I have had a chance to see recently and I actually loved that part! This is a Horror/Comedy that simply does not disappoint at all! Icon Lynn Lowry really made this film! She brought the mix of seriousness yet comedic side of this film! The fact that the kid wasn’t even acting remotely as afraid as his own father was hilarious!

The creature (Seamonkey) you did not see a whole lot of until toward the end and the build up for that was really good; I was impressed with the effects and the way the film really went out of its way to not be so serious! I could see this film being part of what used to be “Friday the 13th: The Series” or “Monster Vision”.. We just don’t have good shows like that on television anymore so maybe one day we will be able to have a show like that to showcase short films like this! Please give this film a look!

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