Thursday, November 7, 2013

Web Series: "The Dead Hour" by Daniel B. Iske and Scott Coleman

The Dead Hour is a new webseries from the creators of the indie horror film The Wretched. In the tradition of The Twilight Zone, The Outer Limits, and Tales from the Crypt, The Dead Hour is an anthology series that will bring new original webisodes from the horror, fantasy, thriller, slasher and sci-fi genres to the web every other week.

Season 1 premiered here at starting October 27th, 2010, with a new webisode launching every other Wednesday. All webisodes remain online so fans can watch their favorites at any time, and as often as they like.Viewers also get an inside look at innovative low-budget indie filmmaking as takes you on set with photos, behind-the-scenes videos and interviews with the creators and cast members as they bring the show to life.


I found this webseries as I was searching google+; a guy had posted a link to this series. I checked it out and after the first episode I was hooked! This is a very cool, somewhat comedic and unique! The funny part about this is that I just wrote a review mentioning how we haven’t had a good show that told horrific tales like Tales from The Crypt! With each individual story there comes more and more awesomeness! I seriously loved what I have had the opportunity to see so far and I will continue to watch the series. I will also look into interviewing some of the cast and the creators of the series as I continue to watch. This is one of those projects I feel should be shared with all lovers of Horror! Check out Season 1, Episode 1! Then visit the OFFICIAL WEBSITE!!