Monday, November 26, 2012

Contest: Name My Indie Horror Film Festival!!

It is official! I have been offered a venue for my very first Indie Horror Film Festival for late September 2013!! At this point we are hammering out a lot of the small details and organizing just what we will need to host such an event; hopefully my followers as well as my friends will help get the word out once we have an official title for the festival as well as all the details in place. I would love to give everyone a chance to help me come up with a very awesome name for this festival. Some key points to know about the location of the festival are:

Location of the Festival will be in Dixon, Missouri- Out in the country area the venue is a local Festival grounds that can host up to five thousand people (possibly more). We will be offering camping and RV areas for people that want to stay through the weekend. We are about 20miles away from Fort Leonard Wood Military installation.

Whatever name you decide should not copy another film festival or event due to obvious reasons; I appreciate any help regarding this matter.

Some names I have come up with so far:

A Nightmare in the Woods Indie Horror Festival
Scarebilly Indie Horror Festival

Please leave your ideas in the comments area or email them to