Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Movie: SEE IT HERE FIRST!! "Burial at Thornhill" trailer by Jason Figgis

Jason Figgis brings you another awesome film; This film is about a happily married couple living in Dublin's sprawling suburbia - until the afternoon their daughter is abducted and murdered. While John quiets his grief in daily routine; Jane has no such recourse to normality and so sinks ever further into torturous insanity. In Jane's mind, someone needs to pay and pay they will. Peter (Bill Fellows - The Tournament, United, Romans 12:20) is a North of England Architect living in Dublin while overseeing a six month contract. He is soon about to take centre stage in Jane's terrible fantasies of Vengeance and where Vengeance is concerned; in the mind of the insane...there are no boundaries.

Bryan Murray
Cora Fenton