Sunday, November 25, 2012

Movie: "Terrifier" Short and Feature Film "The 9th Circle" by @damienleone


Tom H’s Thoughts

I had the opportunity to watch Damien Leone’s “Terrifier” and I really enjoyed it! The film will take anyone’s Coulrophobia to a new fucking level!! The film is very good quality and has great makeup and special effects. What seems to be a typical clown is found out to be more than just that; something is different and that makes it even more terrifying!! While “Terrifier” is a short film, Damien is filming a feature length film that will be continuing from “Terrifier” called “The 9th Circle” I have posted the trailer below and it also looks amazing! It looks as if "The 9th Circle" will be every bit as sadistic and fucking awesome as "Terrifier"!!

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