Monday, October 1, 2012

Interview: Jeremy Wechter: "Evil Alive" @EvilAliveMovie


Jeremy is a Writer/Director from New York; He has currently released a teaser trailer for his upcoming feature-length horror movie entitled “Evil Alive”! I recently called Jeremy regarding the movie and to get to know more about him. The interview went very well, Jeremy is humble and he is excited that he has this opportunity; He also is excited that people are generous and donating to to his project. He knows what it is he wants to do and he has all of his goals lined out especially once he gets the funding for the movie.

He will be at Comic Con on October 11th – 14th in New York; anyone that goes should definitely look to speak with him about this project.  I asked him about the movie and he has told me that the movie is very character driven and it has more of a psychological element involved.  From what I seen when viewing the trailer I believe that psychological element has already taken its toll.  The estimated time line for completion of the movie would be around October of 2013 and I hope that this goal can be met; everyone that donates is going to contribute to this movie being released that much faster!

Jeremy has the fans in mind; he feels that the kickstarter program gives the chance to pretty much make or break what movies get to be seen; and he is correct! Your donations are power and I am telling all of you that this is the movie to back! Great Director/Writer that is really truly invested into make the best movie he can and I promise you there will be no short cuts.

Here are the links to the KickStarter Page and a very special Fan Fundraiser Page that you can actually purchase items to help fund the film.