Sunday, October 30, 2016

"Pigskin" by Jake Hammond "CHEER YOUR GUTS OUT!"

Tom H. Reviews
Pigskin is a short film directed by Jake Hammond; it’s about a girl with a severe image disorder that ends up becoming so obsessed with her image that she loses it. This is a great job in regards to putting together a film of this length and being able to pull off enough character development and intensity from start to finish. 

Now, the only two things I have a small issue with would be the score. What’s up with that music in the beginning? I almost thought they should have put nothing there and just went with it. The other thing would be a little confusion about why exactly she was seeing what she was seeing… I would LOVE to see something more about that character, in order to understand the purpose of him and why he was after her.

Aside from those two things, I felt this was put together really well and I am impressed with this film! Jake Hammond looks to be someone you might want to start paying attention to as I think he will come out with some really great stuff moving forward!!!

Here is a trailer of the film:

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