Thursday, September 22, 2016

What's inside The "Box"? Starring Jimmy Dempster and Kylie Szymanski

Directed BY El Mahk'gnoht
Starring Jimmy Dempster and Kylie Szymanski

A psychological thriller about a mysterious wooden box arrives on the doorstep of the Man who just committed a murder...
Not knowing who might have put it there or why, his only chance to escape from this nightmare is to open the mysterious box and prepare for what's inside.

Jimmy Dempster contacted me about his upcoming film “The Box” that is going to be coming out in 2017, I have read a little about it and watched the teaser for the film and I’ll be honest, if Jimmy is in it I will be highly anticipating the release of this film!  I like mysterious films that don’t give away anything and make you wait to know what the hell is going on, a box just showing up after a man kills someone? What is inside?  So many possibilities!  Please check out the film on Facebook and like the fan page so you can find out more information about this film!!

If this teaser don't have you interested... then you are seriously boring mother fucker that has no creativity or imagination! 

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