Sunday, January 31, 2016

Support upcoming film "Doll House" by Alan Dillingham!

Doll House Official Press Release

Doll House is a disturbing and gruesome horror/slasher film that will creep you out and leave you in shock.

About this project:
Doll House is a 30 minute horror/slasher film that will be submitted to film festivals, and to act as a proof of a concept of a full length feature film.
Doll House came together when Sheri Collins (Doll Face) came to Alan Dillingham with an idea for a film. He did not find it hard to write a screenplay as he was itching to do another slasher film after doing Cat and Mouse.
Synopsis: A woman seeks a family to call her own after losing hers to a brutal murder, one that will love her and never leave her. While out looking for a new family, she stumbles upon the perfect household having a game night. As she makes her intentions known, the family quickly realizes that she is there to capture their hearts and love them to death.

Tag Line: Time to Play!

What we need:
We need what every good horror/slasher film needs, which is money. We have launched a Kickstarter in the hopes or raising enough to make the short film possible.

You can find a little teaser there that we shot before we secured a DP and Gaffer. Along with some pictures.

You can also find a list of castings and other relevant information such as incentives.

Where will the money go to? 
Our financial needs come down to three parts.

$700, Will go to the Art Dept for basic needs such as props, makeup, and basic effects. Ideally we want $3,500 for the most gruesome effects. We will need lots of custom made special effects so that we do not need to use CGI. Some examples of needs: Carpets, Bed, Door with glass, dual costumes. These will be bought so that we can safely use a mass amount of blood. Headed by the very talented Lincoln Millet

$1,000 Will go to the Camera/Electrical dept to ensure that we have the proper equipment that we need to make this film's vision come to life. Which will be headed up by our DP Mark Hensley.

$600 Will go towards feeding our cast and crew, three meals for the four days of filming.

Extended Goals:
Ideally we are looking to raise at least $8,000 for the best possible short film, for all of it's bloody and gruesome wants.

We want to raise over $20,000 for the full length film
About Killatainment Films
Killtainment Films is a Maine based independent film company that has made nine short films, some released while others in post production. Our latest short film "Cat and Mouse" was made possible by a kickstarter campaign.  We have made two full length films that are due out in 2016. With lot's of more films planned in the coming years. Check out our website Like for us on Facebook

For any questions or request for Interviews about the film, feel free to contact
Alan Dillingham (Producer/Director/Writer)

Sheri Collins Actress/Writer)

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