Wednesday, January 27, 2016

"Harvest Lake" review! Sometimes nature has it's own way of fucking you!

The strange and bizarre can happen when you are out of y our element.. When four friends travel out into the wilderness for a birthday/vacation they find out that the animals are not the only thing they have to worry about. Scott Schirmer did an amazing job capturing the hallucinogenic whirlwhind of chaos that begins to happen to these unsuspecting people!

I could tell you more about the film in regards to the plot, however I would be giving far too much away.. What I will say is, I am a huge fan of Ellie Church (Mania,2015 and Headless,2015) and Tristan Risk (Mania,2015 and American Mary, 2012) and their performance in previous films. This made this film a must see for me!

The performance of both of these beautiful horror queens made this film so much more awesome to me! Add Dan Nye, Jason Crowe and Kevin Roach to the mix and it was clear to me this was a cast that I would like to see in other films in the future!

“Harvest Lake” went right for the kill from the start and you knew something was fucked up.. You don’t have to wait for a long drawn out story to unfold before you have an idea of what is going on.. Well, a little.. You do know something is happening, you won’t be quite sure about what it is right away and that makes you want to watch more!

The collaboration of Forbidden Films and Mostly Harmless pictures created a really great indie horror film that should become a top ten candidate for my 2016 end of year best films list! Not that my top ten is so exclusive that they will make millions, but for the following I have.. This will be something many people in my circle will love to see and enjoy!

Check out HARVEST LAKE on FACEBOOK and show some support! Also find a way to PURCHASE, not steal this film because the people behind these films are not millionaires and every purchase will help support a NEW film!

HARVEST LAKE Teaser Trailer (2016) - Ellie Church, Tristan Risk from Forbidden Films on Vimeo.

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