Monday, August 10, 2015

Tom H experienced ONE NIGHT OF FEAR! - Review


“One Night of Fear”, Directed by Brian Troxell and has an excellent cast (Jessica Sonneborn, Jimmy Dempster, Suzi Lorraine, Russ Forga and Jason Sutton)! I have been talking to Jimmy Dempster about this film for a while now and he knows I was anticipating this film!

“One Night of Fear” does not slowly build up to anything, there is not a lot in the way of character development yet it tells the story throughout the film and explains just why everyone is there. Jason Sutton did a great job at being the silent killer, stalking around taking everyone out and it’s believable! He’s a big guy that is very intimidating and seeing a guy like that in the wilderness would cause me lose all control of my bodily functions! His intensity was felt from start to finish!

While I don’t want to spoil anything for anyone, I will say that Jimmy Dempster’s character was one I enjoyed watching mainly because I have built a relationship with Jimmy over the past couple of years as well as his performance! I was a little bummed but I can’t say why..

Jessica Sonneborn and Suzi Lorraine were fucking fantastic in the way they played off of each other; I truly wanted to see Suzi’s character get the shit knocked out of her by Jessica’s character. Suzi took that role and ran with it and made me really not like her! The end was great and it was done with some creativity, again no spoilers so I can’t say too much except that most horror film lovers will appreciate it!

Brian Troxell was pure genius behind the scenes and did not disappoint me at all with this being the 2nd film of his that I had the pleasure of watching! I will continue to watch any film he Directs/Writes in the future!!

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