Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Donate to "North Woods" film! 16 Days Left!

I am writing this entry in an attempt to help an individual that has inspired me with his strength and no quit attitude! Jason Kasper, the executive producer and co-writer of the film “North Woods” has been in contact with me for quite some time giving me updates on the film as well as the indiegogo campaign they have created in order to get some of the funds needed to get this film created!

We have had conversations that have made me realize just how much passion the people in this community bring to the projects that they love, I am honored to have had the chance to speak with Jason Kasper because he not only showed me the reason I love Independent films he also showed me that adversity brings out the best in us.

Can we please support this film by donating as much as we can! Every dollar helps and it will not hurt to help a fellow member of the Indie Horror community live his dream and help them create a film that they have been working very hard on!

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