Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"CRAWL OR DIE" - A High Anxiety Review by Tom H.


I finally watched “CRAWL OR DIE”, written and directed by Oklahoma Ward.  I have been waiting to see this film for close to two years and finally the day has come! So I came prepared with all the necessary tools to watch this film; enough food and drinks so I didn’t have to get up!

“Crawl or Die” is best to be watch on any television larger than 50” because anything too small will lessen the experience! This film was intense from start to finish and created such an illusion of claustrophobia that I found myself making sure I was breathing correctly for the majority of the film and just when you think that there is going to be a way out, it gets worse! Nicole Alonso, the star of the film really sold just how horrible that situation was.. I don't think my body relaxed for some time after the film was over! It was so fucking intense!!

The film did a great job explaining the whole reason they were on this mission and knowing that added another dimension to the film by not only having the scenario taking place underground in very tight spaces, it also gave them a goal. Save the only female not infected that can become pregnant..

“Crawl or Die” is an awesome and welcomed change to the Sci-fi/Horror/Thriller genre and raises the bar for Indie Horror Film makers! I have watched a lot of Indie films and this one is among the greats that I have had the pleasure of watching!

I suggest anyone that has not watched “Crawl or Die” to subscribe to Hulu Plus and find it, watch it and show support by leaving a positive comment! Oklahoma Ward and Nicole Alonso have not let me down and the wait was well worth it! I can’t wait to see what they do next!!!

Tom H. gives "Crawl or Die" a rating of 10/10!

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