Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Tom H. Reviews "RUN LIKE HELL" by James Thomas

I spoke with Director James Thomas about his film “Run Like Hell” and was given the opportunity to review the film! Starring the Amazing Jessica Cameron( Truth or Dare) ,  Dave Finn(Edward Payson's Sunday Night Slaughters) and Robyn Buck (Hard Sun).  This film had action from start to finish! There were a lot of deaths in this film and it didn’t take long for main characters to meet their demise! I was very shocked when one particular death happened, totally unexpected and left me wondering how the hell these people were going to survive after it happened!!!

“Run Like Hell” brings terror to a whole new level; regarding who you can trust and makes you rethink whether you should take shortcuts or back roads to get to your destination; you never know who you are dealing with when you have to ask for help.

James Thomas kicked ass with this film and I strongly encourage everyone to BUY a copy of this film and have your friends buy one as well! Support this awesome film maker so he can bring us more films in the future!!!

This film is in the running to be screened at “A Nightmare AfterDark”  on October 18th to a large Midwest Audience!!

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