Thursday, October 2, 2014

Review of "Sacrament" by Shawn Ewert - Sinners 4 Dinner!

                       TOM H.
My review of Sacrament was exciting! Shawn Ewert was one of the first filmmakers that I had a chance to add as a friend when I began Tom H’s Blog of Horror; I have been waiting for about a year or so to have a chance to watch this film!

Sacrament didn’t waste time getting down to it! Religion in the wrong hands can lead to the worst types of evil.. Sacrament shows just how people can do these sick and twisted things right under the nose of the world.. I loved the film because the flow of the film was continuously moving forward and the story didn’t stagnate at all. Shawn Ewert delivered one of the best indie horror films I have had the chance to watch!

I enjoy films that are based on reality and can actually happen! The very thought that I could end up in a town that is corrupt and brainwashed at that level scares my ass and I don’t get scared about too much. Shawn Ewert you are the man! The cast did an amazing job and I look forward to sharing this film with the people of the Midwest!!