Monday, October 20, 2014


On October 18th, Tom H's Blog of Horror Co-Hosted along with Matt Wagner the owner of After Dark the event called A NIGHTMARE AFTER DARK! 

We screened the film "Nailbiter", a film Directed by Patrick Rea. Everyone that had the chance to watch the film seemed to really like it. 

In 2015 Tom H's Blog of Horror will continue to grow and the way I support Indie Horror Film will also grow! I appreciate the support from all of the people who have had my back even if they couldn't be part of the actual events!! 

I continue to meet new people that have heard about the events I have tried to put together and word of mouth is a good thing; eventually I hope to be able to put together a festival that will be a routine stop for Indie Horror Film Makers to show their films annually!!

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