Monday, June 16, 2014


“The Killing Games”.. Well, I am a big fan of all Indie Horror and I love what Independent Film represents; It is a way for those that have a dream to make a film can do so even with a low budget! “The Killing Games” started out with a pretty violent scene that would shock most people who watch and probably traumatize or cause someone to be triggered to something from their past! While I love off the wall death scenes and gruesome kills I still have my limitations at times.

Let’s start with what I believe needed some work, the writing of the film was a little sketchy with the dialogue being really bad. I won’t lie, my girlfriend and I stopped the film about 20 minutes in and had friends come over the next night to watch it again so we could get more opinions. The story was all over the place at first then it kind of started coming together. I would have LOVED to see more killing by the two killers (Dirty Jesus and Son of Satan).

The good parts of the film is that I felt that the filmmaker really put it all out there and really tried to put together a great horror shock flick; I honestly loved the two killer characters so much that I want to say make a film FOCUSED JUST ON THEM!!! THEY WERE GREAT!!! Barry J. Gillis, this is completely 100% not a knock on you or your ability to make films; I think this one was just not what I expected!

“Found.” Was to me a fucking awesome film! I am sorry it took me this long to do a review! If I was the brother of this maniac I would have ran for the fucking hills and never came back! The ending was perfect and I couldn’t stop watching it from the start because I had to know when that kid was going to get caught up being all up in his brothers business! 

Gruesome is not even close to the word I would use to describe this film! It was really out there and it was done with fucking pure awesomeness!!! This is definitely a film I want to screen at “A NIGHTMARE AFTER DARK INDIE HORROR FILM FESTIVAL!!” in this year!! Kudos to the whole team!!


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