Friday, February 14, 2014

Movie Review: "NAILBITER" (2013) by Patrick Rea

Tom H. reviews “Nailbiter” (2013) by Patrick Rea

This is so unpredictable if you have no idea what the film is about going into it. I didn't bother watching teaser trailers or reading anything on the film prior to viewing. I had a Horror Hangout with Patrick Rea and when he mentioned he Directed this film I immediately had to find a copy and watch it!

I don't have any doubt in my mind why this film made it on the Redbox Que; it is simply a great horror film! I love gore as much as the next horror fanatic however you have to give a little when it comes to effects. If it makes more sense to just cut away from significant gore rather than not be able to facilitate the effects in a way that there is realism.

I love the creatures in this film and I think the storyline was thought out and amazing! The story isn’t one of those that couldn’t be explained; however I would love to know more backstory on the creatures and all that but hell that could make for another film! I do see how it can continue; Daddy is home!

I loved the cast in this film! Meg Saricks and Erin McGrane did an amazing job as well as the rest of the cast! I will be doing a review of Patrick Rea's short film "Counterparts" here in the near future! You won't be disappointed about that film either!!!

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