Thursday, February 13, 2014

Movie Review: "Dropping Evil" (2012) by Adam Protextor

Tom H. reviews “DROPPING EVIL” (2012)

So this film follows a couple which invites their two friends on a camping trip; One of the friends; Nancy (Yes, a guy named Nancy) which is a buzzkill bible toting nerd. In the beginning he continues to annoy the rest of the group until they decide to slip him some LSD to help loosen him up. BAD IDEA!! What we do find out is that Nancy is being monitored by a corporation interested in watching him kill for whatever reasons that they have… Actually I think they were watching all of the members of the group...Not just Nancy...

The film was not so much horror as it is sci-fi; yet it was a little hard to follow it was still interesting enough to keep me watching it. I would have loved to see more Tiffany Shepis and less of the tall long blonde haired guy who did very little for the film! The concept is great; I just think they couldn’t budget what it would require to make the actual concept great! I did love the story for the most part; I just think most people will have an issue following it. Just think about the world people seem to think doesn’t exist; that is what this film shows you!

“Dropping Evil” delivers a ton of twists that will make you want more! I want more! I think they could make at least 2 more films to actually finish the story out and it would be great! A prequel and a sequel would HAVE to happen!! I love indie films and I appreciate the work put into them so I have to say it this way; watch this film! Support indie film! And don’t be too harsh on your opinions and actually look at what the film makers are trying to do! Good job Adam Protextor!

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