Monday, January 13, 2014

Movie: "Kill Everyone" by Richard Tobin Jr.

I ran across a pretty cool original idea for a film and I feel I have to share it because it will allow fans to interact with the cast to help create future storylines! Here is a quote from the website:

“Kill Everyone delivers much more than a movie with an elaborate multi-platform network of websites and other entertainment outlets. Since the film centers on a fictional social networking site, we are creating a fully functional social networking site which will be the hub to all “More than and Movie” content.

When our fans and followers sign up for a free account, they will have access to the plethora of content and will have an interactive experience with the characters from the film and actually help shape future content.”

I will be following the development of this film to keep everyone up to date on when it will begin; I am really excited to see an actual interactive slasher film that allows the fans to help create what happens next. It is almost like allowing the fans to “Vote” for who dies etc… well I hope they allow the fans to kill off people…

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