Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Director Profile: James Cullen Bressack! @JamesCullenB

I posted on Facebook about my conversation with James Cullen Bressack and I left out some of the important details because I wanted to wait until I posted on the blog. The conversation was great and I do apologize to him that I was in the process of meeting some friends so I couldn’t really do the interview as much justice as I would have liked; however I did learn some stuff from him.

We spoke of “Hate Crime” (2012) and his first film effort “My Pure Joy” (2011) and his emergence as the Director of “The New Neighbor”  written by Brandon Sites. I realized quick that James is very humble and he loves doing what he does, I think I did wrong by mentioning that I read some not so good reviews for “Hate Crime” but he took it like a professional and explained to me that it was a move that was supposed to have that type of reaction basically. I have to agree with him; true horror/thriller lovers really will enjoy the film whereas the weak at heart would probably dismiss it due to their inability to handle anything with real SHOCK factor.

James also gave me some good advice regarding some of my own projects and I appreciate that!

I did get to know of a project he will be doing later next year and from what he says it will not be in the United States. Tune in to see what he’s next!

Here are some of the trailers for the films that James has been and currently is part of: