Thursday, November 29, 2012

Attention to all Indie Horror Film Makers!!!

To all Independent Horror Film Makers!

Tom H’s Blog of horror will be taking film submissions to be selected into The Dead in Dixon Indie horror Film Festival coming September of 2013!! Submission fees are just $25.00! Regardless of whether your film is selected or not to be shown during the film festival, your film will be given an excessive amount of exposure by being featured on my blog and shown to other outlets that can help spread the word!

I am a proud supporter of Independent Horror Films and with my blog I work very hard to support everyone that asks for my assistance in getting the word out! I hope to provide a setting with the Film Festival that will improve exposure to my blog and to the films that I support now and in the future!

Thank you in advance for reading this and visiting my blog as well as taking part in this kick ass adventure I am on! I hope to make everyone that has followed me proud and do what I can to continue to support indie horror and any upcoming artists in the industry!

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