Thursday, October 11, 2012

Podcast: 40OZ OF HORROR! @40ozofhorror

Okay I had to do a piece on these guys because their show rocks that hard. 40oz of Horror is a drunken horror podcast filled with news, opinions, reviews and of course booze! What more could one ask for? Not only does their podcast inform you about whats going on in the horror world right now, but I promise if you don't get a good laugh out at least once while listening then you're not human. The last episode I listened to was their 27th installment and at a point I was literally in tears I laughed so hard.

Now not only is the show awesome, but the guys behind it are just as great. They're personable with their listeners/fans and even do contests on their site/twitter to win merchandise. Everyone loves winning merch! I myself am now the proud owner of a limited edition glow in the dark t-shirt! (Seen below). The guys even have a segment called Boozin' Gone Bad where us listeners can share our personal drunken adventures with the guys.

Can't take my word for it and have to see for yourself? Well you should! Check them out on their website:

And follow on Twitter @40ozofhorror to be up to date on when the next podcast is coming out, or to chat with the guys!

-Kimberly Krueger