Thursday, October 11, 2012

Movie: "Rockabilly Zombie Weekend" by Jaime Velez-Soto @RockabillyZomb1

Director/Producer - Jaime Velez-Soto

When Becky and Grant arrive at their rockabilly-themed wedding, despite warnings of a West Nile Virus outbreak, things go horribly wrong as the mosquito-spread virus spawns zombies, who begin feeding on the wedding guests as well as the other locals. The two newlyweds have to escape along with their family and friends if they ever want to live to see their honeymoon!


My thoughts:
I just HAD to make sure everyone had the chance to see the trailer to this movie!!  Mosquitos are spreading a virus that transforms people into Zombies? Hell yeah! I love Zombie movies, especially when creatively they are being done differently with a different theme. This one looks to be an amazing version of brain eating insanity!!!