Saturday, October 6, 2012

Novel: "IF YOU DIE BEFORE I WAKE" by Michell Frank @wickedmoxie

About the Author:

Michelle writes in the rainforest mountains of North Carolina, surrounded by hundreds of waterfalls and white squirrels. A strong believer in the power of positivity, she credits a lot of foolish and downright bad decisions to making her writing career possible.
When she's not making stuff up, she is the purveyor of Wicked MoXie Tees, as well as mother to The Princess and Lizabear. Her cats use their telepathy to infect her with writer's block, but her zombie dog, Sparky, destroys their concentration.

About the Novel:
Sabrina Ryan wants to be an ordinary teenager - family, high school, maybe get a boyfriend. Instead she has Devon. 
Devon is the blood thirsty monster that terrorizes her dreams - a demonic little boy responsible for killing their parents. When she woke from the coma, she tried to tell everyone what he'd done. Instead no one believed her and she got a ticket to a mental hospital. To read more visit the kickstarter profile link below.

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