Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Music: Check out the ZOMBEATLES! @Real_Zombeatles

Hello again everyone! Kimberly Krueger here with a delicious discovery! Have you ever wondered what The Bealtes would sound like if they were Zombies? Well now you can know! The Zombeatles have written songs based off Beatles originals from a Zombies point of view, for example: All You Need is Love becomes All You Need is Brains!

"Since their early days in the Pool of Liver, this Fab Gore - Jaw, Pall, Gorge and Dingo - have been playing music together. Their first record "Meat The Zombeatles" was downloaded and maligned continually for years. Now they're hungry for more and need your help. (Well, they need your brains, but that's for another Kickstarter.)

This new release will feature more Beatles songs from the ZPOV, or Zombie Point Of View. They're literally falling apart over new songs such as "Yellow Subdermis," "I Peel Spine," "Let It Feed," "Torture Doctor's Garden," "In My Unlife" and more. And to make this project even more zombie-rrific ... some fantastic artists are contributing their visual interpretation of what it means to a Zombeatle to the package. "

-Quote from The Zombeatles Kickstarter page,

If you're a horror fan with a sense of humor and love for music this band is for you!

Check it out for yourself at their kickstarter page: Z-Animate The Zombeatles Second Release!
And you can follow them on Twitter: @Real_Zombeatles