Friday, October 19, 2012

Movie Review: "Natalie's Lose Lose" by @95Forty

You wake up to find yourself tied to a chair; nobody in the room.. You begin to freak out only for the door to open and some mysterious woman wearing a gas mask enters.... You continue to panic because you have no idea what the fuck is going on.. That is until the voice sounds off across an intercom..


From start to finish this movie has you watch a woman named Natalie  being held captive by two mysterious people, they want something from her that she claims she don't have; you want to believe her obviously because she is the one tied to the chair. However throughout the movie you go back and forth wondering what the hell the truth is and who is holding her captive. Director Eric Williford drives home what most would consider one of the things that would be their worst nightmare. The unknown in this movie keeps you glued to your seat the entire time. What would you do if you were strapped to a chair and forced to listen to and see things that literally would make just about anyone go out of their fucking minds? 

This movie starred  Danielle Adams , I feel considering the circumstances she pulled off the teeter totter of emotions like a pro. I honestly couldn't tell what the hell was going on with her for most of the movie. The whole concept and overall story were well thought out and again kept me watching to see who was behind everything. 

My Blog of Horror Originality Rating is 8 out of 10!
My Blog of Horror Overall Scare factor is 6 out of 10!

I recommend this movie to everyone! And keep coming back to check up on the upcoming Christmas Horror Anthology "Merry Fucking Christmas" where Eric Williford directs a segment called "The Lady Bruins Christmas Slumber Party"!

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