Thursday, October 18, 2012

Movie: "Happy Camp" @Michael_Barbuto


In the vast wilderness of the Klamath National Forest lies the small town of Happy Camp, CA. With a population consisting of only a few hundred souls and buried deep in the mountains, the town is an island unto itself. 

This story is about Michael Tanner.  At the age of 9, Michael was adopted by Walt and Sandy Tanner and brought to the vibrant logging town of Happy Camp where they were also raising a five year old named Dean.  Upon Mike's arrival the two boys shared an immediate bond; and for the first time in his life Mike had a family.  After living in Happy Camp for only two years, tragedy struck on the afternoon of October 22, 1989 Dean was abducted from the back yard of his family's home.  Mike, being the only witness, had no recollection of the violent crime.  To this day there is still an ongoing investigation for the disappearance of Dean Tanner as well as the 627 individuals missing from the Happy Camp mountains.

Twenty years later, Michael has finally gotten the courage to face his past in an attempt to find peace and remember what transpired on that fateful day. Under the provocation of his girlfriend, Mike has reluctantly agreed to allow the experience to be documented.  Unfortunately, what he uncovers is a deeper mystery that they may all want to forget.


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